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Drive Sheet Template

Ingenia's servo drives are defined according to CiA311 DSP V1.0.0: CANopen XML-based Device Description (XDD) files. This file contains a list of Drive's Parameters (registers), as well as its names, data type, description, and default value. Each firmware version has always associated an XDD file.

If you need to update your firmware version, assure that you also have the corresponding XDD file, in order to avoid possible incompatibility issues.

When connect to an Ingenia Drive in MotionLab, it automatically displays current Firmware version installed in the Drive and loads the corresponding XDD from MotionLab's installation folder.

If XDD of corresponding version is not found, MotionLab opens a window showing currently installed XDD files, from which the user can select which is the most appropriate. Note that MotionLab must be running under administrator permission to do this action.

By default MotionLab searches XDD files into %InstallationFolder%\XDD

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