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Inputs Outputs

The Ingenia Servo Drives have programmable digital/analog inputs and outputs that you can use to initiate motion, control auxiliary devices, or trigger other actions. The inputs and outputs should be wired according to the instructions in the drive Installation Manual.

Inputs & Outputs view enables you to display the current value of I/O and modify the output signals.

Available inputs and outputs

The specific drive model purchased determines the available physical I/O and the options displayed in MotionLab.

Analog Inputs

All the analogue input values are shown graphically and numerically (in ADC counts and mV).


In the semicircle graphs, it may be observed the voltage working range.

Digital Inputs

All digital inputs are shown here. Their states are shown graphically with a switch animation, with the text "On" or "Off". 



Indicates which signal level turns the state to "On". 

  • "Active High": High value turns the state to "On".
  • "Active Low": Low value turns the state to "On".
Mode Relates the digital input to a parameter that may be used to control the motion:
  • "Positive Switch": When activated, Positive Switch signal is detected.
  • "Negative Switch": When activated, Negative Switch signal is detected.
  • "Home Switch": When activated, Home Switch signal is detected.
  • "Motor Enable": When activated, permits the motor to start moving. It has to be previously configured in Settings --> Power.
  • "Fault Reset": When activated, the board is unblocked after an error occurs.

Analog Outputs

If there is any, analogue outputs are shown graphically and numerically in this panel.

There are two working methods, automatic or manual, that can be configured using the checkbox "Enable automatic Analog Output":

  • If it is automatic, the signal value can be taken from an analogue register of the drive board. In this case, the output will vary according to the register it is related to.
  • If it is manual, the signal value can be set previously with MotionLab. The value in "DAC counts" determines the output voltage.

Digital Outputs

All digital outputs appear here. As in digital inputs, their states are shown graphically with a switch animation, with the text "On" or "Off". Moreover, "auto-update" checkbox permits the state to change in real time, useful when monitoring.


Indicates which signal level comes from the state "On". 

  • "Active High": "On" state creates a high level signal.
  • "Active Low": "On" state creates a low level signal.
Mode Relates the digital output to a digital parameter from the drive board:
  • "Brake": It shows when the brake function is activated.
  • "Health": It notifies if the drive is in Fault state or not.
  • "Internal Generator": If "Settings" --> "Command source" is set to "Internal Signal Generator", a pulse will be done in each cycle.
  • "Internal Limit": It is activated when an internal limit, as a switch, is reached.
  • "Target Reached": In motion control, this signal notifies that target value has been reached.
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