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Configuring your Drive

The MotionLab allows to configure all the settings of your drive in a sequential logical way. That is:

Drive Operations

After connecting to your servo drive, the below operations and options will be displayed in a toolbar at the top of the application:




Load a configuration file into the drive.


Save current drive configuration to a file.

Users can save configurations at any time. This is very useful when a system has been completely set up and you want to store the parameters to download them into other identical systems. To save a configuration, click the Save button. The output format for configuration file is an XML Device Configuration (XDC) file according to CiA311 standard.


Read all drive parameters


Write current configuration to the drive (all parameters)

Individual parameters can be downloaded to the drive through the PageTree control


Save actual drive configuration to the non-volatile memory


Open parameters window.

Parameters Window displays a list of all the parameters that the drive supports.

A search box allows to search them by different criteria: name, index, sub-index, etc. Some of the parameters can be modified from this screen (Access type = ReadWrite or WriteOnly). The following options are available at the top menu:

  • Read All parameters from drive: Update the parameter table with current drive configuration. Non-saved changes will be overwritten.
  • Write All parameters to drive: Download all the application parameters to the drive, overwriting the existing ones.
  • Write Modified parameters to drive: Only download the application values modified by the user.
  • Restore Defaults: Restore factory default parameters to drive.
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