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Start/ Stop motion using 2 GPIs


A basic task needed in some applications is to execute a motion with an imposed speed or distance, from the moment when a digital input changes its status.

The following note describes how use MotionLab2 macros programming language for using I/O conditional event (If command) to start a position motion profile moving the actuator in both directions.

This example enables the servo motor and waits for digital input GPI1 to move the a voice coil 5.000 counts; if GPI2 is pressed, the motor moves in the opposite direction.

 Application note objective:

  • Use different macros to structure the programming
  • Learn how to use program flow commands
  • Learn how to use conditional jumps based on input status
  • Learn how to perform a move

Instructions used

The notes use the following instructions

Instruction typeInstructionDescriptionComments
Motor controlMotor ONEnables the servo driveUsed in start-up macro 0
Program flowMacro jumpJumps to a specific macro number'Go To 'equivalent
Program flowIfConditional jumpIt allows execution of a group of program lines if the specified expression is true
MotionPositionExecutes an incremental or absolute moveUse the Position command to generate a move relative or absolute to a specific number of counts
Program flowMacro CallCall a specific macroJumps to a macro, execute code and returns
Program flowMacro ReturnReturns to macro callReturns to macro Call and executes following instructions

Materials used

The following materials have been used for this example:

ProductsVersion / Model
BEI KIMCO Smart Voice coilLAS13-18-000A
Pluto Documentation HomeSTD
Pluto IO extension board1.0
MotionLab Configuration and programming tool 2.7.6

Reference documentation 

Program example

At system power up, macro 0 is executed. Servo drive is Enabled and program jumps to macro #1.

  • If GPI1 is pressed, program calls Macro #3
  • If GPI2 is pressed, program calls Macro #2
  • If no input is pressed, program continues execution in macro #1

Macro #0

This macro is always executed at power-up. After the servo drive is enabled, it jumps to macro #1. This macro should contain all the initialization process.

Macro #1

This macro checks whether GPI1 or GPI2 are pressed.

  • If GPI1 is ON it calls macro 3 otherwise remains in Macro1
  • If GPI2 is ON it calls macro 2 otherwise remains in Macro1

Macro #2 and #3

These macros execute a move function of 5.000 counts, negative or positive. Once target is reached macros return to macro call.

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