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Version 2.10.0

This is a major release that contains a lot of improvements focused mainly in user experience, easy and intuitive to use, as well as adding amazing new features to get the most out of our Drives. 

New Features and Improvements

  • Redesigned main window setting pages to make it easier to navigate and configure the motor by grouping related settings and providing links to navigate from one to another.
  • Added an Alert tab to notice the user when the drive configuration is not correct or could be improved.
  • Added the concept of basic and advanced user by placing complicated settings inside an expander and letting the basic user to easily navigate through the application and understanding everything they see.
  • The settings now only display the data that must be configured instead of all possible settings available in the Drive.
  • New Motion window redesigned for an easier and intuitive use to test the Drive modes functionality. In this window the parameters are automatically sent to drive as they change, having the possibility to restore the settings to the time when the window was opened.
  • New highly customizable Monitoring mode in Scope to capture almost any kind of data.
  • Autotuning is now available for torque loop with an extremely easy interface for the basic user and a high mathematical and technological interface for the advanced users (for those like us that love going the hard way 🙂).

In order to use Autotuning and Monitoring the EMCL version must be at least 2.3.1.

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