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Version 2.10.1

New Feature

  • [MOT-1148] - Add in Options the possibility to prevent scanning devices automatically when navigating to Drive page
  • [MOT-1156] - Add Friction Compensation setting


  • [MOT-1125] - 'Maximum sampling rate' in Monitoring looks as if it could be modified
  • [MOT-1143] - Improve drive images


  • [MOT-1137] - Add remove all channels in Monitoring
  • [MOT-1138] - Disable Simulated feedback link from Position and Velocity Control setting
  • [MOT-1139] - Error found on Scope when removing last channel while polling is active
  • [MOT-1141] - Improve disconnect management when Scope is opened
  • [MOT-1142] - Scope polling is not started with the correct zoom value
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