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Version 2.10.10


  • [MOT-983] - Pressing on Enable Motor blocks the application
  • [MOT-1030] - Failure to USB ports causes Motion Lab crash
  • [MOT-1320] - Remember CAN Baud Rate selected value
  • [MOT-1360] - Updating the FW of Pluto fails with some USB cables
  • [MOT-1415] - Device not shown in the device list after disconnect -> unplug -> replug
  • [MOT-1547] - When I enable the motor and some error ocurs at startup, MotionLab collapses during some seconds and afterwards an incorrect message appears

New Feature

  • [MOT-920] - Automatically reconnect when connection is lost


  • [MOT-978] - When a driver in a USB port is disconnected and then is connected again, MotionLab could automatically find it and connect
  • [MOT-1492] - MotionLab losing connection when using USB
  • [MOT-1545] - Remove "Try Again" message
  • [MOT-1546] - Improve drive list synchronization
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