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Version 2.10.2

New Feature

  • [MOT-439] - Allow updating drive firmware version (via USB) to prevent users from using Firmware Loader tool


  • [MOT-827] - Alerts and Drive Faults tab should be visible by default
  • [MOT-1164] - Add alert to use Brushless AC instead of Brushless DC when incremental sensor is used as commutation sensors and digital halls is used to measure the initial angle
  • [MOT-1181] - Display vertical axis configuration window of scope's charts over scope window instead of main window
  • [MOT-1187] - HS Digital Inputs in Composer cannot be used in If and Wait statements
  • [MOT-1195] - Prevent Drives tab to float


  • [MOT-1043] - If a Digital Input is used to reset a fault state, it is not detected by MotionLab if using CANopen
  • [MOT-1149] - Communication lost when an Over-Current peak occurs with USB
  • [MOT-1161] - Modify old XDD files to prevent drive from resetting when asked register 0x2701 0x04 using CANopen
  • [MOT-1162] - Remove Halls Step Offset 360º because it is the same as 0º
  • [MOT-1175] - Some target values are lost in Motion window if changed too fast
  • [MOT-1185] - Analog input range not showing correctly when it is 0-5V and there is only one analog input is available
  • [MOT-1193] - Set Output function in Composer does not work for GPO3-GPO8
  • [MOT-1198] - Absolute encoder frame type is not written correctly
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