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Version 2.10.3

New Feature

  • [MOT-847] - Recommended XDD screen could include a link to the download page.
  • [MOT-991] - Disconnect from drive using right mouse button with contextual menu
  • [MOT-1226] - Add a drive information window
  • [MOT-1246] - MotionLab should display if the FW is a branch in a user friendly way
  • [MOT-1278] - Add support for a new CAN device: Vector
  • [MOT-1285] - Add support for a new CAN device: Lawicel
  • [MOT-1286] - Allow loading a drive configuration to multiple connected Drives
  • [MOT-1294] - Add support for a new absolute encoder from Hohner
  • [MOT-1299] - Add a Swap units capability in the units converter tool


  • [MOT-32] - Add keyboard shortcuts to S[t]ar/S[t]op Scope
  • [MOT-773] - Display name of the configuration file loaded
  • [MOT-869] - When saving XDC, suggest the same name if we previously loaded an XDC
  • [MOT-917] - Unit converter units should be different by default
  • [MOT-935] - Change the red exclamation sign that appears when changing a parameter to something that is more intuitive to let the user know that it must be written
  • [MOT-1051] - Improve "Undetected Drive" visibility
  • [MOT-1127] - Focus the Search box when opening Parameters window, Add polling channel and Add monitoring channel (in Scope)
  • [MOT-1170] - Rename "auto-update" to "auto-write" in IO window
  • [MOT-1173] - Composer: Rename BIOS to "Reserved memory" to make it easier to be understood
  • [MOT-1196] - Suggest reactivating "Automatically detect XDD" if unchecked by accident
  • [MOT-1205] - Add shortcuts to open (and bring to front) [M]otion, [S]cope, [C]omposer, [U]nits, [O]ptions and [A]bout windows
  • [MOT-1231] - Composer: Popup message windows should appear over the Composer instead instead of the main window
  • [MOT-1235] - Composer: "Set Digital Output" instruction should only modify the corresponding bit of the register
  • [MOT-1295] - Prevent loading read only registers from XDC
  • [MOT-1296] - Improve Node ID visibility in Drive Name and in Change Node ID window
  • [MOT-1298] - Automatically calculate unit conversions instead of having to click the convert button
  • [MOT-1304] - "Save" should save all registers instead of a subset
  • [MOT-1306] - Suggest reactivating "Auto scan for drives" if unchecked by accident


  • [MOT-613] - CANopen devices are not detected if plugged after MotionLab launches
  • [MOT-840] - The prompt for manual XDD selection selects the highlighted option whenever double-clicking anywhere on the lateral scroll bar.
  • [MOT-878] - Communication channel is closed if disconnected from only one of the nodes
  • [MOT-933] - Data not visible on actuator parameters when edited
  • [MOT-981] - Improve the suggested name of the XDC when saving configuration
  • [MOT-1026] - Add "Set voltage to zero" utility in Open Loop section in Motion window
  • [MOT-1038] - Incorrect connection management when connecting to drives using the same device (CAN bus, daisy chain topology, etc.)
  • [MOT-1146] - Complete disconnection when a halls error occurs
  • [MOT-1151] - "Automatically scan devices when navigating to Drives" now also apply if an error occurs during the connection process
  • [MOT-1165] - MotionLab crashes if a drive configured with binary is reset
  • [MOT-1188] - MotionLab does not allow to connect to a drive using a non-standard emcl XDD file
  • [MOT-1225] - Connection management is not working correctly If connected to 2 drives with the same name
  • [MOT-1227] - Analog input range is not being displayed correctly for old drives
  • [MOT-1230] - Composer: Error occurs if a non-existent label is specified in a macro jump
  • [MOT-1233] - Composer: Jump statements are not working properly when the macro have "Set Output" instructions
  • [MOT-1249] - Connection reliability with CAN causes Crash
  • [MOT-1260] - Motion window hides behind main window when opened under specific conditions
  • [MOT-1269] - Composer: Copy macro does not work if kept content in old macro
  • [MOT-1281] - Prevent the user from entering decimal numbers in constant values in Set Variable macro in Composer
  • [MOT-1282] - Current amplitude in autotunning configuration is incorrect
  • [MOT-1287] - Prevent setting acceleration and deceleration to 0
  • [MOT-1288] - Change Step for FullStep inside Step mode combobox
  • [MOT-1292] - Motion modes should conditionally appear in Motion window depending on the actuator and loops configuration
  • [MOT-1300] - Serial communication is lost if binary is active and the drive resets
  • [MOT-1312] - It is possible to send out of range values to torque PI controller in Motion window
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