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Version 2.12.2


  • [MOT-1401] - PDO configuration needs to be sent twice to be applied successfully
  • [MOT-1919] - Disable configuration wizard for hydra firmware
  • [MOT-1922] - Error message appears on change the communication parameters with CAN
  • [MOT-1932] - Getting started window appears before splash window is closed
  • [MOT-1934] - Time units on Tune Scope are wrong
  • [MOT-1935] - Restore to original values on Velocity Tune sets Kp to 0
  • [MOT-1936] - Restore to original values on Position Tune sets Kp to a different value
  • [MOT-1940] - Oscillation Amplitude not being applied correctly when working with user units
  • [MOT-1941] - Can't set motor continuous current on Wizard if MaxCurrent is <1A
  • [MOT-1942] - Version updater data is not being downloaded asynchronously
  • [MOT-1946] - Problems with Isolated storage broken

New Feature

  • [MOT-790] - Add a communication settings window
  • [MOT-1765] - Motor Database Integration (beta)
  • [MOT-1945] - Add FW 2.4.7 compatibility


  • [MOT-950] - MotionLab should let users configure Daisy chain 232 through UI
  • [MOT-1473] - Add an option to enable Daisy chain communication
  • [MOT-1926] - Increase the time of the contextual help
  • [MOT-1933] - Getting started "Don't show again" must be unchecked by default
  • [MOT-1939] - Recovery tool should automatically scan for available COM ports
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