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Version 2.12.3


  • [MOT-532] - Improve Composer layout distribution and behavior
  • [MOT-540] - Macro is deselected when another one is closed.
  • [MOT-725] - Panic button (F12) does not work if a "pop up" window is opened
  • [MOT-853] - The "Set output" instruction does not create the correct macro commands
  • [MOT-872] - Composer Instruction Force and Profile Force not saved correctly
  • [MOT-926] - Some exceptions are thrown in the Output of Visual Studio when Reset All macros is performed
  • [MOT-982] - Review Emergency Stop priority
  • [MOT-1184] - Composer is saving unused fields, making loading crashing when smt not set correctly
  • [MOT-1194] - Composer - Automatic renumbering of instructions crashes jumps
  • [MOT-1365] - Macros error causes MotionLab to go to bottom of screen
  • [MOT-1784] - Composer set variable instructions doesn't support negative values
  • [MOT-1819] - Error generating Macro code. If function
  • [MOT-1905] - Oscillation instruction not working properly in macros
  • [MOT-1950] - Errors in Composer appear in MotionLab Window
  • [MOT-1964] - Wrong manufacturing name in SSI feedback
  • [MOT-1979] - Drive database is not being updated


  • [MOT-531] - Add individual remove instruction buttons
  • [MOT-1594] - Add Homing on Following error method to Composer homing options
  • [MOT-1948] - Improve communications settings view
  • [MOT-1949] - Include product number and serial number on ddbb events
  • [MOT-1951] - Add an option to select the communication port to be used
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