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Version 2.12.4


  • [MOT-900] - Target Torque & Position slider does not present zero position
  • [MOT-1395] - The auto-write function of the GPO are not working properly
  • [MOT-1421] - Fix torque limits display when using % rated torque
  • [MOT-1627] - Converter Tool is not updated on units changed
  • [MOT-1630] - Irregular time between samples when exporting to .csv
  • [MOT-1952] - Sliders on main window not shown correctly
  • [MOT-1959] - Extra empty tooltip on Finish button
  • [MOT-1981] - MotionLab goes to windows background when closing a pop-up window
  • [MOT-1983] - MotionLab automatically searches the drive on close the options window
  • [MOT-1984] - Ask for configuration wizard configuration not being saved correctly
  • [MOT-1991] - Error when setting Start-up homing value to None
  • [MOT-1992] - Profile Position Macro not working with higher profile values.


  • [MOT-1988] - UART Baud rate must be saved using Comm. Password instead of General Store
  • [MOT-1994] - Unify Voltage and Temperature polling.
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