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Version 2.12.5

New Features

  • [MOT-1954] - Include a "number of pair poles detection" in the wizard
  • [MOT-2031] - Add new screen in Configuration Wizard to suggest next steps
  • [MOT-2043] - Add window to calibrate non incremental commutation sensor
  • [MOT-1861] - Added tool for calibrate a non incremental commutation sensor position with the motor coils
  • [MOT-1856] - Set digital encoder / SinCos glitch filter automatically on the Configuration Wizard
  • [MOT-1856] - Added set digital encoder / SinCos glitch filter automatically on the Configuration Wizard
  • [AUT-112] - Added system polarity check test


  • [MOT-1270] - Motion Lab must suggest to save changes at the end of a session.
  • [MOT-1489] - Reorder parameter fields in encoder configuration window
  • [MOT-1537] - Limit data range values to the used Drive
  • [MOT-1925] - Rename 'Mode of Operation' to 'Control variable' in Wizard
  • [MOT-1943] - Unfold navigation tree subitem automatically when clicked
  • [MOT-1962] - Change warning Icon
  • [MOT-1990] - Show Position PID parameters in velocity tab when is estimated from position on Tune window
  • [MOT-1993] - Add FW 2.4.8 compatibility
  • [MOT-1998] - Set Startup Homing sensor to SSI on Wizard if is available
  • [MOT-2039] - Improve events management and performance
  • [MOT-2040] - Move Enable/Disable Button in configuration wizard autotuning step
  • [MOT-2018] - Added prompt to save drive configuration on drive disconnect or application closed
  • [MOT-1580] - The Wizard is able to check the encoder resolution
  • [MOT-1587] - The Wizard is able to detect encoder and motor polarity according to user feedback
  • [AUT-108] - Tuning for digital halls feedback and SinCos feedback
  • [MOT-2038] - Update Telerik Libraries to 2017.1.117.45

Bugs fixed

  • [MOT-1713] - Disconnecting and reconnecting a driver by CAN Motion lab gets confused
  • [MOT-1843] - Default SSI configurations select LSB as endianess parameter
  • [MOT-1880] - Torque display on Tune window takes too long
  • [MOT-1882] - SW does not recover properly after a communication shutdown on Move / Tune window
  • [MOT-1895] - Wizard on voice coil linear motors must include stroke
  • [MOT-1997] - Amplitude in tune window should be based on the resolution of the feedback
  • [MOT-1999] - Add change name fields in Communications tab
  • [MOT-2002] - Endianess not selected correctly on Configuration Wizard
  • [MOT-2008] - Update "Apply" text on encoder auto identify polarity window
  • [MOT-2019] - Disable Recovery option when user is connected to the drive
  • [MOT-2021] - Limit peak time values to the used drive
  • [MOT-2025] - Amplitude for linear motors not calculated properly on tune window
  • [MOT-2030] - Motor database is being downloaded on any configuration write
  • [MOT-2036] - Serial/USB drives are using ECAT version in firmware updates repository
  • [AUT-109] - Over-current peak fault during torque tuning algorithm
  • [AUT-107] - Velocity and Position not able to tune with SSI / Digital Halls

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