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Version 2.12.6

Bugs fixed

  • [MOT-1441] - Allow HW config files write compatibility with CAN.
  • [MOT-2047] - PDOs are not properly written in the drive.
  • [MOT-2049] - Fix texts and behaviors at report window on configuration wizard.
  • [MOT-2054] - Drive shown as disconnected while connected.
  • [MOT-2055] - MotionLab is not showing correctly negative temperature values.
  • [MOT-2065] - Unexpected "Test stopped by user" in feedback polarity test.


  • [MOT-1301] - Add information on STO error
    [MOT-2016] - Improved tooltips.
  • [MOT-2020] - Add Pair Poles check on SSI encoder polarity detection
  • [MOT-1955] - Provide a link to driver wiring documentation when wizard fails
  • [MOT-1969] - Improve error message window in wizard
  • [MOT-2066] - Update Telerik Libraries to 2017.1.222.45
  • [MOT-2061] - Attach latest motion database information to the installation package.
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