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Version 2.12.7


  • [MOT-2015] - Maximum permissible speed changes after running the wizard
  • [MOT-2056] - Unexpected test stopped by user
  • [MOT-2058] - Configuration succesful when connection lost
  • [MOT-2059] - Motor enabled and running wizard after closing it
  • [MOT-2077] - Disable button is disabled in the wizard
  • [MOT-2078] - Power supply error is cropped
  • [MOT-2083] - MotionLab is not checking the drive fault state in wizard
  • [MOT-2085] - Configuration failed after system is fully configured
  • [MOT-2086] - Noise filter does not represent the correct value
  • [MOT-2088] - Scope in monitoring mode not exporting data to csv correctly
  • [MOT-2095] - Number of connected drivers increase when USB communication is lost
  • [MOT-2101] - MultiPoint window has drive native values of PID and not the real values
  • [MOT-2106] - Getting stucked on scan drive on some computers
  • [MOT-2108] - In Configuration Wizard, when setting the peak time it does not let scrolling to any value.
  • [MOT-2120] - Homing timeout error
  • [MOT-2124] - F12 button does not work while on wizard
  • [MOT-2129] - Wizard successfull if stopped between tests
  • [MOT-2134] - Communication password registers must be added to blacklist

New Feature

  • [MOT-2079] - Brake management has changed from release 2.4.9
  • [MOT-2082] - Add GPI function "PWM Capture"
  • [MOT-2003] - Create Drive section
  • [MOT-2112] - Add FW 2.4.11 compatibility


  • [MOT-2071] - Uneven spacing on Error Wizard Window
  • [MOT-2073] - Set peak time default to 1s on wizard
  • [MOT-2092] - Remove Node from drive name in Drive Overview page
  • [MOT-2093] - In Configuration Wizard, change tooltip text when Unbalanced/Vertical Load is checked
  • [MOT-2076] - Remove Torque tuning steps test
  • [AUT-117] - Torque tuning, position tuning and velocity tuning take too long time.
  • [AUT-118] - System polarity test based on the control variable
  • [AUT-121] - Auto-configuration process uses partially the current configuration of the drive instead of the default one
  • [AUT-122] - Forced Phasing for Position tuning with Digital Encoder feedback (BLAC)


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