• [MOT-2133] - Parameters are not properly send to driver when loading XDC file after executing Wizard
  • [MOT-2141] - Tune Registers are not written properly after drive power off
  • [MOT-2142] - PDO Mapping list reduced once elements removed
  • [MOT-2145] - PDO Event time not written to drive
  • [MOT-2149] - The macro loading fails when loading all
  • [MOT-2157] - Fails on massive drive writes
  • [MOT-2158] - Watchdog doesn't work after drive disconnection
  • [MOT-2160] - Statusword on request enabled at drive connection with CAN

New Feature

  • [MOT-2161] - Allow to disable auto enable statusword on request at drive connection
  • [MOT-2166] - Add new options for step and direction command source
  • [MOT-2167] - Add remote configuration feature
  • [MOT-2169] - Allow upload firmware by CAN when available


  • [MOT-2146] - Update PDO Event driven layout
  • [MOT-2175] - Add Titan Go drive image
  • [MOT-2177] - Update Telerik Libraries to 2017.2.503.45