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Version 2.13.1


  • [MOT-2140] - In Motion Window / Homing, the field Homing offset is not limited in range
  • [MOT-2184] - Derivative gain is not correct in Velocity control parameter
  • [MOT-2187] - CANopen does not work for baud rate 100 kbit/s
  • [MOT-2188] - Pair poles are not detected from Motion Database in the Wizard
  • [MOT-2197] - With linear brushless, bad behaviour when setting encoder resolution
  • [MOT-2198] - Bad write in profile acceleration and deceleration.
  • [MOT-2207] - Node ID not working after value 124 (0x7C) using CAN
  • [MOT-2214] - Firmware should not update using old bootloader version
  • [MOT-2217] - Large values introduced in control parameters cannot be correctly introduced.
  • [MOT-2218] - The mode of Stop instruction from the composer is not properly saved when saving the program to a file
  • [MOT-2220] - Quickstop mode of Stop instruction from the Composer shows wrong/dangerous behaviour
  • [MOT-2222] - Bootloader status message not working correctly
  • [MOT-2262] - Cannot update firmware for baudrate 500 kbit/s and below

New Feature

  • [MOT-2210] - Add to HW config mode a way to introduce the new serial numbers
  • [MOT-2203] - Add a reset phasing button
  • [MOT-2213] - Add CAN bootloader recovery
  • [MOT-2205] - Add update firmware for UART connection


  • [MOT-2105] - Add help text for the error 0x5430 input stage problem detected.
  • [MOT-1891] - Brake option should not appear on wizard when selecting linear systems
  • [MOT-2190] - Add MCP drive picture to MotionLab
  • [MOT-2041] - Add a link to the program window from the "program memory"
  • [MOT-2052] - Generate an alert message when connecting to drive if macro is running
  • [MOT-2181] - When working with linear Absolute Encoders multi-turn parameters are a priori useless and may induce to configuration errors
  • [MOT-2192] - Update Triton GO and Triton CORE images on MotionLab
  • [MOT-2199] - Improve visual contrast of the scope by changing the default colours to ones that have better contrast with the background
  • [MOT-2204] - Improve Step and Direction Layout
  • [MOT-2209] - Add Bootloader version information
  • [MOT-2239] - Add icons in Program memory window
  • [MOT-2215] - Allow more values for max. clock rate for SSI absolute encoder configuration setting
  • [MOT-2255] - Add new xdd files into MotionLab installer
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