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Version 2.13.2

New Features

  • [MOT-2253] - Add a Sensorless window for advanced users
  • [MOT-2273] - Add a new screen for Ricardo's alignment in motionlab
  • [MOT-2287] - Add Quick stop configuration in Limits window


  • [MOT-2294] - Hide shaking alignment parameters when Classic alignment method is chosen
  • [MOT-2313] - Show new serial numbers in decimal


  • [MOT-2283] - In sensorless velocity configuration wizard, the target velocity is always set to 3000
  • [MOT-2288] - Temperature is not properly shown in MotionLab at the bottom-right of the main window
  • [MOT-2293] - MotionLab installer does not copy the new telerik libraries the first time

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