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Version 2.7.5


  • [MOT-34] - Improve channels panel layout in SCOPE Window
  • [MOT-89] - Windows stack is not working properly in Scope Window
  • [MOT-156] - Error after clicking "Work Online". Error in mclNetCI_ChannelOpen
  • [MOT-208] - Styling for RadWindows
  • [MOT-226] - Exit MotionLab Dialog Window should be TOP MOST Window of the application
  • [MOT-227] - Motion window opening fails after loading a file
  • [MOT-239] - Calculate Max. Voltage should not present any pop-up window
  • [MOT-247] - SWITCHES options are not correct
  • [MOT-248] - CRASH at close application
  • [MOT-253] - Hide checkbox does not behave as expected
  • [MOT-266] - _MATH CHANNELS_ can not be removed in POLLING
  • [MOT-270] - CONTLIB reference must be to a Tag, not to Trunk


  • [MOT-31] - Once fetch data process starts, user should not be able to stop it
  • [MOT-51] - Properties fields of Functions in Composer updated
  • [MOT-199] - Pop-up windows colors and icons are confusing
  • [MOT-201] - Motion entrance
  • [MOT-249] - Trajectory should be calculated also in Velocity, Force and Oscillation mode (as in Position)
  • [MOT-258] - 3 clicks needed to change digital output state
  • [MOT-263] - Improve messages when a LOAD CONFIG fails
  • [MOT-267] - Update Telerik Libraries to version 2014.1.224.40
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