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Version 2.7.6


  • [MOT-181] - System must memorize commit change checkbox
  • [MOT-250] - Enable/Disable Download and Download All operations in MACROs
  • [MOT-272] - Typo error in Write errors window
  • [MOT-274] - Update State Machine Control to not over request EMCL


  • [MOT-61] - En la llegenda no es mostra que el color verd de la macro zero es la Start-Up Macro
  • [MOT-133] - Macros: Not possible to know if there are macros loaded in controller
  • [MOT-246] - MACRO commented instructions should be grayed (gray colored)
  • [MOT-273] - COMPOSER refactoring

New Feature

  • [MOT-275] - Add command source option: INTERNAL SIGNAL GENERATOR
  • [MOT-276] - Add information about MACRO execution status
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