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Version 2.7.7


  • [MOT-138] - Wrong installer workflow when updating a previous installed version
  • [MOT-195] - Scope and Motion Window must remember last used layout
  • [MOT-261] - When copying an instruction from one macro to another one they keep linked
  • [MOT-271] - Division or shift variable by a constant doesn't work in Set Variable function
  • [MOT-278] - Composer: Download All button not enabled
  • [MOT-281] - Motion test-> Profile velocity: target velocity is modified when clicking start/ stop button
  • [MOT-294] - Wrong Number Display format in Parameters Grid after file loading
  • [MOT-296] - Weird message after changing command source = analog
  • [MOT-298] - Secondary axis disappear after closing Scope Window


  • [MOT-5] - Optional field download in Review Settings Window
  • [MOT-262] - Move/copy content between macros
  • [MOT-289] - Refactor Options Window
  • [MOT-292] - Add 'Force' label in any configuration screen together with 'Torque'
  • [MOT-295] - Change mouse cursor while loading Parameters rows
  • [MOT-300] - Telerik libraries version 2014.1.331.40 update

New Feature

  • [MOT-48] - Add Open Loop modes to MOTION test
  • [MOT-277] - Add an OPTIONS window for user preferences
  • [MOT-283] - Add Loops Configuration Setting
  • [MOT-285] - Allow to chande NODE ID
  • [MOT-286] - Do not save ALL objects to configuration files
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