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Version 2.7.8


  • [MOT-311] - Change on selected Motion mode changes Window layout
  • [MOT-315] - Force Limits parameters (Motion Parameters window) should NOT include decimals when using mNm.
  • [MOT-319] - Error when saving Peak current in review
  • [MOT-320] - Commutation process time color not updating correctly on entering setting
  • [MOT-324] - Velocity loop setting not shown if register 0x52507 not available (FW versions previous to 1.1.8)
  • [MOT-325] - Option: Download BIOS at first window access workflow is incorrect
  • [MOT-327] - Application crash when uploading Table parameters with Motion open and Open Loop selected


  • [MOT-265] - HIDE/SHOW All channels at once
  • [MOT-269] - Exported csv file must include units
  • [MOT-282] - Change some texts in stepper motor parameters
  • [MOT-288] - Use gauges to display actual bus voltage and temperature
  • [MOT-293] - Update Pluto image
  • [MOT-304] - Upload from drive after connect should be optional
  • [MOT-305] - Units: Select non SI for length and force
  • [MOT-312] - Oscillation mode should include a center point
  • [MOT-313] - Include Force sensitivity parameter for VCAs
  • [MOT-314] - Add Initial point in position mode of TEST motion window
  • [MOT-316] - Analog input used when COMMAND SOURCE is set to Analog should be a COMBOBOX
  • [MOT-317] - Select All/Unselect All in Values Review Window
  • [MOT-318] - Modify MOTION Window behavior at close (restore/keep changes)
  • [MOT-321] - Add Profiler Setting
  • [MOT-322] - Add diagrams visualization for Control Functions
  • [MOT-323] - Add native units (per thousand of rated value) for Torque and Force
  • [MOT-328] - Backup motion mode (0x6060) when enter in MOTION WINDOW and restore at exit
  • [MOT-329] - Add Motion Setting

New Feature

  • [MOT-302] - Add Panel for MACRO interrupts configuration in COMPOSER Window
  • [MOT-309] - Include link to online manual in help
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