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Version 2.7.9


  • [MOT-196] - Rounding problem on downloaded paremeters
  • [MOT-215] - MACRO Load do not refresh properly
  • [MOT-334] - MotionLab window should be opened at startup maximized
  • [MOT-335] - Text mistake in Error code 0x2280
  • [MOT-338] - Drag&Drop is not working properly in MACRO Editor
  • [MOT-339] - Velocity instruction in MACROs is not working properly
  • [MOT-341] - Hide and unhide toolbar creates an extra bar
  • [MOT-345] - Map to on-line drive not working properly
  • [MOT-346] - Composer Functions get Current Drive from general App, and must get it from local Composer Window
  • [MOT-347] - Each Drive must have a separate Composer File
  • [MOT-350] - Unable to save to .mlm in some cases
  • [MOT-351] - Max system force cannot be set higher than 65000
  • [MOT-352] - Initial position option does NOT have to perform a POSITION PROFILE mode to actual position
  • [MOT-353] - Installer should allow to install a previous version of software
  • [MOT-355] - Position out of limits warning does not consider correctly relative movements
  • [MOT-356] - Command Source must be restored at MOTION close
  • [MOT-359] - Closing confirmation message does not appear in front of all applications
  • [MOT-365] - Represented Profile in Motion Window should consider also initial position
  • [MOT-366] - Wait mode of Target Velocity in Composer is reversed
  • [MOT-369] - CALCULATE PROFILE is not working properly in FORCE Mode
  • [MOT-370] - Initial position in MOTION not working properly when set to Current in Oscillation Mode
  • [MOT-371] - At MOTION leave the saved parameters are wrong
  • [MOT-372] - Initialize Motion is performed twice
  • [MOT-377] - Macro commands & access should not be send on Download parameters
  • [MOT-378] - WriteOnly parameters should not display any value on Drive value column


  • [MOT-13] - Add Errors History in Status Setting (register 1003)
  • [MOT-22] - Analog IO values should be expressed in "mv"
  • [MOT-54] - Multiple function selection in copy-paste operations
  • [MOT-291] - Search 'Name' in Parameters screen only works with Index
  • [MOT-308] - Show error if with GPDI_1 ENABLE input selected, it is not possible to ENABLE MOTOR
  • [MOT-326] - Add a DOWNLOAD BIOS button
  • [MOT-330] - Add Tree level to navigation panel
  • [MOT-332] - Filters in "Parameters" is not clear enough
  • [MOT-342] - XDC parameters value should not use format display of parameter window
  • [MOT-344] - Add Linear hall value to the scope variables (0x2340)
  • [MOT-349] - Add MOTOR STATUS case to IF function
  • [MOT-354] - Wait between go & back and between cycles option should be disabled if not checked
  • [MOT-357] - Add channel window for SCOPE must be a child of SCOPE and displayed centered in relation to it.
  • [MOT-362] - Add legend at top of scope
  • [MOT-363] - Add register watcher panel to Program Memory Setting
  • [MOT-368] - Amplitude field in Oscillation mode should be able to use user units
  • [MOT-373] - Ask user what to do when timeout occurs
  • [MOT-376] - Update Digital Encoder Wizard
  • [MOT-380] - Add the possibility to remove channels in Monitoring mode

New Feature

  • [MOT-64] - Allow macro edit in offline mode
  • [MOT-343] - Add Trigger delay on Monitoring mode
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