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Version 2.8.0


  • [MOT-222] - Actions upon failure on motion start-up
  • [MOT-375] - Warning in Motion window is pointing to a incorrect settings window.
  • [MOT-379] - Scaling of unfolded items on parameter windows does not works correctly
  • [MOT-382] - Error window after fault when pressing Stop button in Open loop mode
  • [MOT-386] - Temperature monitor bar does not refresh properly
  • [MOT-388] - Scope Monitoring: Error in velocity sensing values
  • [MOT-389] - Process current in commutation is not converted to thousand of rated
  • [MOT-390] - Trigger delay does not consider sampling rate
  • [MOT-391] - Monitoring to Polling change disables some channels
  • [MOT-393] - MOTION at power disconnection or timeout
  • [MOT-399] - Max system current is downloading incorrectly
  • [MOT-405] - Use feedback to commutate option should appear only in Multicoil or BLAC motors
  • [MOT-408] - Remove drive from Profiler prompts an error
  • [MOT-410] - Macros should be stopped before launching any wizard in the settings windows
  • [MOT-412] - Apply & Cancel button should be disabled during Wizard execution
  • [MOT-413] - Unable to read macro status
  • [MOT-414] - Copy & Paste operations do not work properly for some instructions
  • [MOT-427] - Failure loading a MACRO generated with newest version
  • [MOT-430] - All GPO's change when you change only one of them
  • [MOT-433] - IOs duplicated on upload all from menu
  • [MOT-434] - Channels units are not updating on enter scope


  • [MOT-14] - Add the possibility to manually select XDD
  • [MOT-290] - Add 'Run' macro buttons in composer windows
  • [MOT-358] - "Save not sync params" window should offer same options as "values review" window
  • [MOT-360] - Add Multi-plot capability in Scope Window
  • [MOT-361] - Add pop-up alerts when parameters are wrong
  • [MOT-383] - Getting macros information should not be executed each time (slow process)
  • [MOT-392] - Use V and ºC instead of mV and mºC
  • [MOT-396] - Options Window should be a child of Main MotionLab window
  • [MOT-401] - Add help to each setting directly linked to the appropriate page in MotionLab Doc
  • [MOT-403] - Update I2T chart and include CycleTime
  • [MOT-404] - Add warning for Motor Continuous current and Peak Current in Motor setting
  • [MOT-406] - Movement command should allow to do not modify profile parameters
  • [MOT-407] - Update Shunt / Regeneration Setting
  • [MOT-415] - Add set interruptions pop-up message
  • [MOT-418] - Add Halls wizard
  • [MOT-428] - Add info in the MACRO FILE (ximf) about MotionLab version that genreated the file

New Feature

  • [MOT-384] - Update procedures for XDD files
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