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Version 2.8.1


  • [MOT-420] - Upload Settings from Drive should always perform an UPLOAD action
  • [MOT-443] - Crash if user tries to set an inexistent register through Set Variable function
  • [MOT-453] - Channels tab should allow scrolling
  • [MOT-455] - Going from Motor window to System Limits window generated an error
  • [MOT-460] - Wrong Wait properties after move instruction
  • [MOT-461] - Undo button does not work correctly
  • [MOT-465] - Home instruction in Composer should always wait for home attained
  • [MOT-467] - Windows bar displaying problems
  • [MOT-472] - Force window time units are incorrect
  • [MOT-475] - Enable/disable torque loop does not work properly
  • [MOT-482] - Stepper motor configuration: Run and Standby current invalid units
  • [MOT-484] - WriteOnly registers can't be downloaded using "Download Modified Parameters"
  • [MOT-485] - Error in stepper current values units
  • [MOT-488] - Run Current value does not download to drive
  • [MOT-494] - Position loop parameters should be shown in profile velocity when using position loop
  • [MOT-495] - Current loop tuning based on motor parameters does not work


  • [MOT-29] - Put a Callback Event in Status Screen to Update Actual Status
  • [MOT-411] - Move register watcher to a generic tool available at any time
  • [MOT-422] - Expand register watcher functionality
  • [MOT-429] - Improve errors messages when loading incompatible macro files
  • [MOT-437] - Change digital outputs automatically (not requiring "download to drive")
  • [MOT-441] - Add auto rearm mode in SCOPE Window
  • [MOT-442] - Add clean button to Scope top options
  • [MOT-445] - Add unit label (count, c/s, etc) to instruction
  • [MOT-448] - Internal signal generator registers should be shown in Command source tab
  • [MOT-468] - Reset macro not clear
  • [MOT-476] - Update Telerik libraries version to 2014.2.729.40
  • [MOT-496] - Move legend of scope out of cursor area
  • [MOT-504] - Monitoring size increased
  • [MOT-506] - Stop Monitoring during fetching data

New Feature

  • [MOT-416] - Add Jump instruction
  • [MOT-450] - Add warnings pane
  • [MOT-498] - Use new HW register: Analog reference voltage
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