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Version 2.8.3


  • [MOT-248] - Closing the application sometimes causes crashes
  • [MOT-364] - Application freeze/block while scrolling in parameters window
  • [MOT-454] - Time scale between axis should match
  • [MOT-456] - Warning Tooltip message shall be only display when cursor is over icon
  • [MOT-464] - Axis & chart assignation is lost after closing scope window
  • [MOT-517] - Monitoring autorearm doesn't work correctly
  • [MOT-558] - Automatic analog output is not saving registers correctly
  • [MOT-559] - Changing state on Digital outputs generates an error
  • [MOT-560] - Modification on Digital Input Polarity not detected
  • [MOT-561] - Subtitle text on Input & Output windows should be improved
  • [MOT-562] - Analog output options does not appear in old versions of EMCL
  • [MOT-563] - Wrong analog input range for Venus AIN1 and AIN2
  • [MOT-564] - Brake warning does not disappear
  • [MOT-572] - Brake parameters are mixed when Download/Upload
  • [MOT-578] - Temperature and voltage limits are not saved correctly when leaving Power settings page
  • [MOT-583] - Upload parameters in Motor settings not working
  • [MOT-599] - Analog ouput DAC counts value should be limited.
  • [MOT-600] - Numeric UpDown controls behavior improved to prevent crash


  • [MOT-462] - Display channel information in all charts
  • [MOT-521] - Close application when application icon in the top bar is double clicked
  • [MOT-526] - Missing manual link in several sections
  • [MOT-529] - Zoom box in graphs control cannot be cancelled
  • [MOT-530] - In Scope window, Clear All button should not belong to Channels pane
  • [MOT-554] - Improve IO layout
  • [MOT-573] - Vertical axis of the scope should be improved
  • [MOT-579] - Revise IO layout to make it useful in small screens
  • [MOT-582] - SinCos encoder signals can NOT be displayed in scope
  • [MOT-588] - Add additional setting parameters to Interpolated Position mode
  • [MOT-603] - Use revision number (0x1018) instead EDS register (0x2FF2)

New Feature

  • [MOT-499] - Add new Cyclic Sync Profile, Velocity and Torque operation modes
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