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Version 2.9.1

New Feature

  • [MOT-477] - Change CANopen baudrate from MotionLab
  • [MOT-647] - Customize several parameters depending on the connected HW
  • [MOT-683] - Add rpm/s units to acceleration
  • [MOT-689] - Bandwith in design controller for current loop should have maximum value depending on HW connected


  • [MOT-621] - Motion window does not use configured Motion mode on opening
  • [MOT-642] - Revise "Change Node ID" behavior in both RS232 and CANopen
  • [MOT-643] - Change image displayed when product is not recognized


  • [MOT-544] - Revise Feedbacks and Commutation sections in small screens
  • [MOT-640] - Reorder and improve Motor settings page.
  • [MOT-644] - Add voltage information in Analog Input command source
  • [MOT-658] - Monitoring base time must use control loop update from HW
  • [MOT-659] - CST should allow to configure interpolation time depending on the HW connected
  • [MOT-660] - Add new range values of Analog inputs
  • [MOT-662] - Use HW config register to display the appropiate Motor type list
  • [MOT-694] - Motion trajectory graphics should be updated when any parameter is modified
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