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Version 2.9.3


  • [MOT-483] - Customize Open Loop parameters visibility depending on the configured FW
  • [MOT-567] - Encoder resolution on Linear DC brushed should be Counts/Stroke
  • [MOT-612] - Empty warning in Commutation screen
  • [MOT-705] - Motion mode - Oscillation graph resolution error
  • [MOT-711] - Tree view items visibility are not correctly set from commutation sensor at drive connection
  • [MOT-713] - Panic key (F12) does not work if focus is on scope/composer window
  • [MOT-729] - Review timeout to apply in all cases.
  • [MOT-731] - Units converter is not working correctly with Linear Brushed motors
  • [MOT-732] - Scope channels are loaded without checking it they exist in the current drive
  • [MOT-734] - Channel information panel in Scope charts don't have a customized background


  • [MOT-707] - Improve comprehension of Enable/Disable/Fault Reset buttons
  • [MOT-727] - Add the same Scope Chart capabilities to the Motion Chart
  • [MOT-728] - PDO mapping objects and parameters should be editable without having to disable it
  • [MOT-738] - Revise Composer and Program Memory layout in light themes
  • [MOT-739] - Improve Register Watcher usability (avoid pressing Enter key before Uploading/Downloading)

New Feature

  • [MOT-706] - Display Neptune image in Drive page
  • [MOT-724] - Add IXXAT interface for CANopen connectivity
  • [MOT-730] - New wizards should automatically clear Fault if movement is needed
  • [MOT-735] - Add Homing support in Motion when no macros are available
  • [MOT-736] - Add "Analog Input Scaling Factor" to Analog Input configuration in command source page
  • [MOT-737] - Add "Actual system angle" channel to Scope
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