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Version 2.9.4


  • [MOT-447] - XDD file can't be added manually if user is not administrator of the PC
  • [MOT-747] - CANopen Node ID shouldn't be requested if HW does not support CAN interface
  • [MOT-752] - Remove Ring option from Buffer Organization in Interpolated Position mode (not supported by emcl)
  • [MOT-757] - Error in Command Source panel when downloading Step&Direction parameters


  • [MOT-606] - Digital encoder configuration should be revised in linear motors
  • [MOT-663] - Improve comprehension of Analog Input Offset units
  • [MOT-709] - Improve Analog Command Source configuration comprehension
  • [MOT-715] - Command Source tab should provide information of real range of movements
  • [MOT-723] - Improve comprehension of Analog Input Velocity Deadband units
  • [MOT-753] - Include application version in XDC file
  • [MOT-754] - Add acceleration and deceleration registers to Scope
  • [MOT-756] - Save Interpolated Period Time values in .xdc file

New Feature

  • [MOT-614] - Add SinCos resolution configuration section
  • [MOT-624] - Include new error codes into MotionLAB
  • [MOT-677] - Add a wizard to calibrate SinCos encoder
  • [MOT-733] - Add Polarity setting and wizard to SinCos configuration section
  • [MOT-745] - Add new Neptune features (new Emergency code and reserved GPI)
  • [MOT-755] - Include Motor Revolutions and Multiplier Factor in units conversion when using SinCos encoder
  • [MOT-766] - Improve Open Loop usability in Motion window
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