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  • [MOT3-434] - Clicking in control window automatically scrolls down
  • [MOT3-459] - After scan a new drive, Control is always shown in right toolbox
  • [MOT3-460] - Non catched error appears when loading categories
  • [MOT3-462] - When scanning network Motionlab3 crashees if there is more than one IP found
  • [MOT3-470] - CSC (operation mode 34) is changed to operation mode 2 after clicking Motor enable button
  • [MOT3-471] - Fix bug changing the signal register of a new scope channel
  • [MOT3-473] - Some network adapters are not correctly listed in Networks menu


  • [MOT3-461] - Show only mappable registers when Monitoring mode is selected in Scope widget
  • [MOT3-476] - Workspace load process should be able to write into some registers of the drive

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