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DescriptionReleaseRelease DateLinkRelease notes

MotionLab3 v1.5.2Release notes


DescriptionReleaseRelease DateLinkRelease notes
Update mechanical position tuning1.5.2MotionLab3 v1.5.2Release notes
Enable tuning & monitoring with CANopen1.5.1

MotionLab3 v1.5.1Release notes
Summit Series Firmware 2.2.1 dictionaries and bug fixes1.5.0

MotionLab3 v1.5.0Release notes
Denali dictionaries and several bug fixes1.4.10

Motionlab3 v1.4.10Release notes
EtherCAT embedded stability and Denali compatibility.1.4.9

Motionlab3 v1.4.9Release notes
Compatibility with missing Everest identification1.4.8

Motionlab3 v1.4.8Release notes
Add ingeniamotion and refactor ingenialink1.4.7

Motionlab3 v1.4.7Release notes


Motionlab3 v1.4.6Release notes
New electrical identification added into Configuration Wizard1.4.5

Motionlab3 v1.4.5Release notes
Capitan CANopen support and several bug fixes1.4.4

Motionlab3 v1.4.4Release notes
Capitan support1.4.3

Motionlab3 v1.4.3Release notes
Scope improvements1.4.1

Motionlab3 v1.4.1Release notes
New configuration wizards added1.4.0

Motionlab3 v1.4.0Release notes


Motionlab3 v1.3.7Release notes
CAN Bootloader state machine refactor & general bugfixes1.3.6

Motionlab3 v1.3.6Release notes
Tune workspaces fixes and improvements1.3.4

Motionlab3 v1.3.4Release notes


Motionlab3 v1.3.3Release notes


Motionlab3 v1.3.2Release notes
Improvements in FTP Bootloader1.3.0


Motionlab3 v1.3.0Release notes
Improvements in configurations and workspaces1.2.3


Motionlab3 v1.2.3Release notes
Mechanical identification added into Configuration Wizard1.2.2

Motionlab3 v1.2.2Release notes
Some feedback tests and signal generator improved1.2.1

Motionlab3 v1.2.1Release notes
Configuration wizard improved and reordered1.2.0

Motionlab3 v1.2.0Release notes
Scope improvements1,1,2

Motionlab3 v1.1.2Release notes
Current identification and widget bugfixes


Motionlab3 v1.1.1Release notes
Improvements in Configuration Wizard and Tunes1.1.0


Motionlab3 v1.1.0Release notes
Servo reconnections1.0.2


Motionlab3 v1.0.2Release notes
Software/Firmware updates through ML31.0.1


Motionlab3 v1.0.1Release notes
Configuration Wizards and improved stability1.0.0


Motionlab3 v1.0.0Release notes
Current Tunes and Scope cursors0.9.8


Motionlab3 v0.9.8Release notes
Improvements in Scope widget0.9.7


Motionlab3 v0.9.7Release notes
Important bug fixes0.9.6


Motionlab3 v0.9.6Release notes