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New Features

  • [MOT3-709] - Add absolute encoder baudrates registers into BISS C / SSI wizards
  • [MOT3-883] - Add an option to load an unknown slave with a default dictionary


  • [MOT3-396] - Writing a number when a parameter is selected should automatically edit the field
  • [MOT3-573] - Configuration file should include P/N, S/N, FW version (both), Revision number, SW version and generation Date
  • [MOT3-854] - Expand default space to show registers units so that all the full units of all registers can be shown
  • [MOT3-899] - Add confirmation messages after load/save/store/restore operations
  • [MOT3-900] - Add confirmation message once the drive is scanned and open Drive Explorer to show it


  • [MOT3-648] - Text split without sense
  • [MOT3-838] - Wrong BiSS-C configuration
  • [MOT3-840] - Generation settings (tuning mode) does not change the generated signal
  • [MOT3-873] - Digital Halls test still gives error when working with EtherCAT firmware
  • [MOT3-878] - When loading a custom workspace, the button TARGET LATCH of profile position does not appear
  • [MOT3-892] - Scope crashes
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