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  • MOT3-2006 Change ml3 message when dictionary strings are not compatible with comms
  • MOT3-1985 Add new product codes for EVEREST products
  • MOT3-1983 About window should show the most important libraries versions
  • MOT3-1969 Disable all necessary options in the Toolbar when a drive is connected
  • MOT3-914 Adjust current sensing range of the drive according to rated/peak current parameters of the motor introduced in the Wizard

New Features


  • MOT3-2047 Error 0x738B "Trapezoidal commutation without digital halls" appears as Unknown error
  • MOT3-2042 Add product selection in FOE Bootloader
  • MOT3-2025 Chart models at scope are not updated correctly on change Scope mode
  • MOT3-2004 If I try to load FW through FTP without selecting a file, MotionLab crashes
  • MOT3-1997 Feedback test is not taking into account fault errors
  • MOT3-1996 Wrong Digital Hall value representation
  • MOT3-1992 Spin box input widgets at Inspector tool are not working as expected on keypress events
  • MOT3-1990 Parsing the total time available from the number of samples selected is not working at monitoring mode
  • MOT3-1989 In the scope monitoring mode, acquiring data is not limited by time correctly
  • MOT3-1976 STO message should take into account Abnormal bit low but faulty state
  • MOT3-1939 Collapse some categories on loading a workspace file is not working properly
  • MOT3-1934 Commutation analysis should analyse the motor status
  • MOT3-1933 Commutation analysis should not take into account BLDC case
  • MOT3-669 Slider in Control widget is not updated properly

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