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  • [MOT3-1479] - Adapt ML3 to recognize and work properly with sensorless firmware
  • [MOT3-1397] - Suggest last used IP address by default


  • [MOT3-1414] - Key press event on control tab does not work
  • [MOT3-1451] - ML3 lost the ability to go directly to an axis tuning/jogging workspace
  • [MOT3-1452] - Multiaxis tuning/jog is not working in ML3 1.3.6 version
  • [MOT3-1453] - Multiaxis current identification lost communications
  • [MOT3-1457] - Older versions of firmware without the frequency divisor register available, update the CCP period as monitoring
  • [MOT3-1458] - Loading a Jog does not show right side widgets in CANopen
  • [MOT3-1461] - i217A polling mode tuning is not working
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