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  • [MOT3-1011] - Delete the "Get Started" and its 2 "subsections" from MotionLab3's main window
  • [MOT3-1159] - Change message when "Restore all" is clicked


  • [MOT3-1260] - Homing tab's legend formatting
  • [MOT3-1292] - Add different input signals on tune tabs
  • [MOT3-1308] - Tuning tab should not have the ability to store a workspace
  • [MOT3-1342] - Trigger does not start when using Signal generator and Monitoring
  • [MOT3-1343] - Loading xdf drive config from a restricted perimissions location raises UE in CANopen
  • [MOT3-1344] - Enable / Disable homming button in Inspector is not setting the visibility of the button in the Control
  • [MOT3-1350] - MotionLab requieres WinPcap once installed
  • [MOT3-1351] - Identification step is sometimes lost
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