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  • [MOT3-754] - Include new motor temperature feedbacks types into wizard


  • [MOT3-549] - After a Drive Fault, the button MOTOR ENABLE has disappeared
  • [MOT3-628] - Scope causes sample to be shown at beginning of plot. Very annoying
  • [MOT3-645] - Strange text behaviour
  • [MOT3-721] - FTP bootloader feature should return an error in case the public firewall is activated
  • [MOT3-730] - Polarity wizard does not take into account gear ratio
  • [MOT3-734] - Sometimes text appears as selected
  • [MOT3-736] - Storing and saving the configuration after Configuration Wizard is finishes causes the system to software to change is interface colors and styles
  • [MOT3-741] - Monitoring with position variables is not working
  • [MOT3-742] - A window is opened and closed immediatelly when scanning slaves manually
  • [MOT3-750] - Refresh network functionality is not working properly
  • [MOT3-765] - Configuration Wizard window for secondary SSI encoder has missing parameters
  • [MOT3-772] - Identify serial devices correctly
  • [MOT3-773] - Hide the form at Communications wizard page if the slave is added manually
  • [MOT3-774] - At scope widget, 'No trigger' mode and repetitions 'Auto' options are not working properly
  • [MOT3-775] - If the user returns to the Communications page after a fault, the next pages will be disabled
  • [MOT3-776] - If the user uses the Wizard, resizing ML3 produces flickering
  • [MOT3-780] - Change representation of a drive explorer register with value NaN or Inf produces an unhandled exception
  • [MOT3-782] - Installer does not update version number in desktop icon
  • [MOT3-783] - MotionLab3 reports new firmware version is available when this is not true
  • [MOT3-794] - Check the update of the suggested registers obtained from wizard tests
  • [MOT3-797] - Signal Generator frequency must be a float
  • [MOT3-798] - ML3 gets stuck on close


  • [MOT3-675] - Add installer disclaimer page

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