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  • [MOT3-637] - Unhandled error when brake frequency is higher than allowed
  • [MOT3-701] - Phasing test in Configuration Wizard with Hall sensors does not work
  • [MOT3-708] - Polarity test from wizards doesn't stop if a fault is detected
  • [MOT3-733] - Display window becomes small during Wizard
  • [MOT3-748] - If you stop a test in course in the Configuration Wizard this can cause the software to freeze and you need to close it and reopen it to get it going again
  • [MOT3-753] - Wrong behavior when stopping scope in current quadrature tuning
  • [MOT3-762] - Enable button hides in control window when I write a parameter there
  • [MOT3-803] - Velocity tuning window - injection signal frequency, decimals are not accepted
  • [MOT3-810] - Target latch button is lost
  • [MOT3-814] - When activating current tune workspace, set both current set-points to 0 initially
  • [MOT3-819] - Unhandled exception error when transitioning from Motor step to Motor Temperature Sensor in Wizard
  • [MOT3-820] - Polarity test in Wizard detects polarity but does not apply the change
  • [MOT3-829] - Position tuning does not have an square signal as input
  • [MOT3-831] - Jog tab for position control it is initialized in value 1.56e8
  • [MOT3-834] - Tuning and jog workspaces are not open if you are in the middle of wizard
  • [MOT3-839] - Missing baudrate option on absolute encoder
  • [MOT3-844] - MotionLab close suddently after exectuting Wizard Test
  • [MOT3-851] - Link in detected drives window is broken
  • [MOT3-857] - Unhandled Exception on click at play/stop buttons of the Signal Generator widget without drives connected
  • [MOT3-861] - Load workspace does not remove registers propperly on load

New Feature

  • [MOT3-826] - Question when closing software
  • [MOT3-835] - Create a new steps tree for Configuration Wizard and reorder the pages
  • [MOT3-853] - Add button in order to make homing in current position automatically
  • [MOT3-832] - Tuning tabs play buttons' functionalities are mixed


  • [MOT3-602] - Limit the resolution of a signal at scope view with autoscale depending on units
  • [MOT3-731] - Tunning Current Direct Workspace does not show current set-point
  • [MOT3-792] - As a user I would like motionlab to allow me zooming in the time axis simultaneously in all 4 scopes
  • [MOT3-862] - Refactor the workspace controller to improve the velocity of loading
  • [MOT3-868] - MotionLab3 is not rendering properly its fonts when using different display scales
  • [MOT3-869] - Improve Identification and design tab's texts
  • [MOT3-871] - Improve Electrical Identification configuration wizard pages
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