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New features

  • Now, CANopen over EtherCAT communication is available.

  • Added virtual drive, a simulation of a real drive. All features like wizard and widgets are available using the virtual drive

  • A new page to connect to the drive is added. The drives are automatically detected when starting the application

  • A new poller method that uses PDO is added in the scope. Only available for Capitan, Everest-S and Denali with EtherCAT CoE communication and FW version 2.5.0 or newer.

Bugs fixes

  • When EoE service is running, updating a new firmware using FoE bootloader works as expected.

  • Now the legend color of the Scope widget is updated correctly.

  • Changing a WO register value using Drive Explorer doesn't make an unhandled exception.

Known issues





Kp is not correctly displayed on wizard for values smaller than 0.01



With particular motors, velocity identification might fail and cause the motor to spin


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