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ML3-1794Update wizard images
ML3-1793Add Halls note on wizards commutation page
ML3-1767Improve release notes 1.4.0
ML3-1766CANBootloader should not use sleeps to verify responses
ML3-1740Remove Input output page from wizard
ML3-1735Wizard advanced settings from autotuner should always be used.
ML3-1718Disable FOE Bootloader when drive is connected
ML3-1717Add TCP/UDP option to FTP Bootloader
ML3-1714In Wizard tree, change Digital Enc. & Digital Enc. 2 to or Inc. Encoder and Inc. Encoder 2
ML3-1713Modify position autotuning design page to have only BW option
ML3-1709Add newest configuration wizard resources 
ML3-1706Create position tuning only depending on BW
ML3-1703Phasing current should be rounded to two
ML3-1676Sometimes current identification starts at -360 of gap
ML3-1674The 3 "new project" images lead you to the same place (the wizard) and it is weird.
ML3-1672Add Beta adverts in embedded ECAT master option
ML3-1667Ethernet communication should have again UDP / TCP options
ML3-1655Add Create R/L functionality to the already created button
ML3-1653Create the IO Helper to read and write safely
ML3-1643Error widget should show up automatically and CANopen pop up should have an error msg
ML3-1627Unify content and styling
ML3-1626ingenialink-python should notify motionlab whenever a canopen connection or network failed to establish
ML3-1621Update Wizard viwes to latest restyling changes
ML3-1619Verify CANBootloader behaviour with EVEREST drives and overall
ML3-1618Attach and link the new methods available at Mechanical Identification
ML3-1615Brake test should take into account feedback reaction input
ML3-1611Drive overview page should have some visual evidence that the drive has been disconnected
ML3-1592Brake test should not suffer from feedback fails
ML3-1590Adapt workspace files in order to show/hide categories in control & display widgets
ML3-1584Change the appearance of the subpages on hover
ML3-1583Update the hover paint events at inspector widget
ML3-1581Update new Configuration Wizard tree with new pages
ML3-1576Move Motor, Motor Prot. and Brake into a sublevel of wizard call Motor
ML3-1561Current identification max frequency should be set to half of current rate
ML3-1549Improve brake wizard page
ML3-1548Refactor Communication connected page into a Drive Overview
ML3-1547Communication wizard page improvements
ML3-1546Improved Wizard welcome page
ML3-1526Success message should be editable from libs
ML3-1508Automatic inertia identification
ML3-303Incremental encoder's resolution explanation
ML3-301Add Fault Reset button to tune workspaces
ML3-300Current identification procedure gives values in a range +/- 300% from the middle
ML3-299Explanation of absolute encoder protocol
ML3-298Improve current identification/verification algorithms to detect control loop saturations
ML3-297Add warning info onto error widget
ML3-296Add the possibility to see the sequence of the halls on feedbacks page
ML3-293Wizard Navigation Tree should show subnodes
ML3-292Open a how-to from wizard page
ML3-291Add I2T limit image
ML3-288Refactor bar type display
ML3-286Drive explorer register values should show grey and white depending on write capability
ML3-284Configuration wizard Feedbacks refactor
ML3-283Configuration wizard Motor refactor
ML3-282Configuration wizard STO refactor
ML3-281Configuration wizard Communications refactor
ML3-280Modify STO terminal description
ML3-279Configuration wizard Electrical Identification/Verification refactor
ML3-278Configuration wizard Electrical Limits refactor
ML3-277Configuration wizard Brake refactor
ML3-276Configuration wizard Motor Protections refactor
ML3-275Configuration wizard Navigation Tree refactor 
ML3-272Configuration wizard Welcome refactor 
ML3-269Modify current identification alignment process
ML3-202Wizard Phasing Fails and changes commutation feedback
ML3-173Add a graphical representation of the SSI/BiSS-C frame when configuring it in the Configuration Wizard
ML3-155Configuration Wizard should be able to detect wrong pole pair parameters and encoder resolutions during auto-configuration process
ML3-145Add explanations on the "Current Design" step of the Wizard on criteria to set "Bandwidth" or "Damping ratio" parameters
ML3-143As a user, I would appreciate that MotionLab3 explains why we have 2 current controllers (D and Q) and what the purpose of each is
ML3-141Add explanation on what Kr constant in current loops does and what consequences has changing from a value of 0 to a value of 1
ML3-139Add Gain/Phase margins on verification tabs
ML3-137Unify all the "new project" options in order to avoid confusions in customers that do not have the exact application shown in the 3 default pictures
ML3-133Add filter registers on identification and design tabs
ML3-129Acquisition function is still having CCP_PERIOD register
ML3-128Optimize current loop algorithm
ML3-1777Right-clicking and left clicking at a fast rate generates an Unhandled Exception
ML3-1642Clean unnecessary files from wizard-refactor
ML3-1506Improve error messages on communications tab
ML3-1136Change one of the two "Tools" in MotionLab3 initial window to a different name in order to avoid confusion
ML3-1061Previous and Next buttons in Wizards should change its display depending on the state
ML3-1039Signal generator amplitude field should change the name or add clarification
ML3-1030When pressing Load button, inspector changes to another one
ML3-1029Implement Monitoring/Disturbance using multiaxis firmware
ML3-1023Improve display workspace loading
ML3-940User should be able to use Position and Velocity Tunes with monitoring instead of poling
ML3-921modify current identification/verification data acquisition code
ML3-916Unify wizard styles
ML3-915Modify wizard structure
ML3-909CANopen transceiver errors must be shown in the ML3 interface
ML3-312Add ability to design a controller from the theoretical parameters
ML3-304Implement responsive images for feedback page in wizard

New Features

ML3-1614As a user, I would like to update the firmware of drive through CANopen
ML3-1522Wizard should be accessible from toolbar
ML3-1166Add a "fault reset" or "fault clear" button (so I don't need to type 128 to the control word)
ML3-116Bode in motor identification could be improved in low frequencies
ML3-101Configuration wizard create Inputs/Outputs page


ML3-1792Unhandled exception raised in the Terminal widget
ML3-1791Attributes used before its initialization
ML3-1788Commutation and mechanical identification pages should be hidden for eve-core-01
ML3-1787Sometimes UE when clicking Current set point A
ML3-1786Recurrent UE when going directly to Motor Protect.
ML3-1785Enums at control are not updated properly
ML3-1784Unhandled exception when power-cycling the drive in the STO wizard step.
ML3-1783First time an enum register is added to control, value 0 is displayed instead of the enum value
ML3-1781Display never works when you stop and then play it
ML3-1779Remove TCP/UDP Protocol from FTP if the drive is connected
ML3-1778All ident generates UE when "create plant" with no values
ML3-1771After changing Control widget representation the focus is lost and the dropdown is hardly visible
ML3-1770Bootloaders become disabled in toolbar when the drive is loaded
ML3-1769In Feedbacks page, the dropdowns in Control are visually buggy
ML3-1768Delete fmax dependency of mechanical identification once current has been done
ML3-1765If identification raises error and then Design is enabled when it should not be.
ML3-1764Simulation failed error in identifications
ML3-1763Brake test left to enable after 1 full click Only ECAT
ML3-1762Unify naming Store-Restore
ML3-1761When drive is disconnected in communications page, wizard tree should be disabled too
ML3-1760CANBootloader "boot_mode" = True but heartbeat needs to be initialized too
ML3-1759After ml3 is reinstalled it cannot read for the first time the Controller IP
ML3-1758Diconnect button after abrupt drive comms interruption does not disconnects the drive from ml3
ML3-1757In some verifications pages the terminal does not show up
ML3-1755Disconnecting the drive in CANopen enables Tunes and SG
ML3-1754UE when opening wizard and going directly to design
ML3-1751Identification passes None type as a model whenever the indent. data is not valid
ML3-1749IOHelper error in feedbacks abs. enc. 1
ML3-1748Wrong prod. code in some products
ML3-1746Connect manually in Canopen does not show "Drive not detected"
ML3-1743About window disapears after a while open
ML3-1742Change node id and baudrate not working
ML3-1741No drives detected lost msg is not showing
ML3-1739Motor protection wizard page fails to load workspace (not updating ranges)
ML3-1737Wrong error message on STO wizard
ML3-1733Crash occurs when closing an scope tab after opening Wizard
ML3-1732Update Store all CANopen with 0x1010 register
ML3-1730After Incremental Encoder 2 Next button does not load workspace in a while
ML3-1728In motor page when changing the mode to Single Phase Next and Previous are disabled
ML3-1727Change the feedback sensors in Configuration Wizard Feedbacks page is buggy
ML3-1726Current design fail error
ML3-1724CANopen incompatibility with newer ml3 and fw versions
ML3-1722Acquisition is always plotting an error
ML3-1721Unhandled Exception in Electrical Design when Identification fails but R/L are executed properly
ML3-1720Modify fixed workspace sizes for display
ML3-1715Identification and Verification frequencies are limited
ML3-1712When scanning CANopen if the user presses enter before scan UE is raised
ML3-1708Display widget always is opened with the default size
ML3-1707Single phase in Wizard motor page crashes the html view
ML3-1705Incremental encoder 2 test doesn't work properly
ML3-1704Python error when samples are less than filter window on mechanical tuning
ML3-1702Display categories are not working properly
ML3-1700Missmatch in velocity design between datasheet and online
ML3-1699Brake test is not doing backup registers
ML3-1698Motor Alive function should not take into account feedbacks
ML3-1694Verify CANopen bootloader with latests IOHelper changes
ML3-1693Connecting from Tools, and while so, opening the wizard does not disable the tree properly
ML3-1692Mechanical verification control is not taking into consideration axis
ML3-1691Passing from Feedback page to identification keeps all tabs displayed at secondary widget
ML3-1690"No drives detected" msg missing on communications page 
ML3-1689Drive disconnection is not stopping Display widget
ML3-1688When going from tune to current verification directly controller gains are modified (kr is set to 0 and should not)
ML3-1685When testing in wizard next and previous should be visible disabled  and load workspaces should be disabled
ML3-1675The network adapter selected at toolbar and communications page can differ
ML3-1673When using EtherCAT EoE with embedded Master, the network device should appear in the form
ML3-1671Delete pole-zero cancellation to position autotuning
ML3-1668Unhandled exception when trying to enable all widgets and having the Scope open
ML3-1665Change variables represented in Feedbacks test scopes
ML3-1663Feedback tests should disable Error option codes that could apply 
ML3-1660Unhandled exception when trying to enable all widgets and having the Scope open
ML3-1659Display categories is not being parsed properly in Display worksapces
ML3-1658Wizards backup is not taking into account subnode=0 registers
ML3-1654Design from mechanical datasheet
ML3-1652When going through Feedbacks pages, sometimes user needs to click next or previous more than once
ML3-1650If online velocity identification is not plotted, cutoff frequency is wrongly calculated
ML3-1649After a mechanical identification advanced option's values are set to 0
ML3-1648Mechanical identification/verification is missing last iteration frequency
ML3-1646Brake functionality crashes when starting the test
ML3-1645Error appears when entering to Limits pages
ML3-1644Workspace not loaded correctly when changing to Power Stage Temperature page in configuration wizard
ML3-1641Each time a config is loaded, new control buttons are added to the already existing
ML3-1638Text error on identification autotuner
ML3-1637Restore of auxiliar feedback is missing on feedback test
ML3-1631Position identification is limited to max current
ML3-1630BiSS-C Slave 2 Test on Wizard is not working
ML3-1629Drive not detected message appears when the driver is actually connected
ML3-1624Pass TF instead of model
ML3-1623Phasing timeout is multiplied by 1000
ML3-1622ML3 crashes when reading software version without catching the exception
ML3-1617Unexpected terminations on load workspaces
ML3-1616Canopen bootloader is not working properly
ML3-1612Control widget is not using range information
ML3-1610Add register ID to register inspector
ML3-1609Mechanical identification bode is not updating
ML3-1608Add subnode on identification/verification 
ML3-1604Restore all button in the Inspector does not work when you are connected to the drive through CANopen
ML3-1603Attempting to change CANopen baudrate gives unhandled exception error as soon as you click the button
ML3-1601Connection mode CANopen option appears when EtherCAT EoE is selected
ML3-1599There is a division by zero when transitioning to or from Commutation page
ML3-1598When drive is disconnected the Configuration Wizard does not return to its Communications page
ML3-1594Unexpected termination navigating through the wizard
ML3-1591When closing and reopening Control widget, right toolbox loses previous width 
ML3-1589When pressing the html in Current Design page, the progress bar appears without no reason
ML3-1588UI problems to change the representation between decimal / hexadecimal, the expandable options get unselected (see video)
ML3-1582Play Display widget without registers added produces high CPU consumption
ML3-1580High CPU usage in multiple wizard pages
ML3-1560Min frequency and fspacing are not limited to less than 10 Hz in current identification
ML3-1559Current identification fail when setting a fspacing to 100 Hz
ML3-1544Solve wizard refactor bugs for release
ML3-1534Store all does not restore ml3 state when cancelling if IP change detected
ML3-1495Ethernet IP address can be written to the drive when loading an older config
ML3-797Reconnection using Ethernet is not working properly
ML3-702Signal editor of Scope charts is not showing with the proper size in the Inspector
ML3-675Disconnect button is not working properly
ML3-586If drive connectedcd, wizard does not close other widgets
ML3-496Motor temperature over-temperature should appear on Motor temperature Wizard Step
ML3-379Motionlab gets stuck when brake delays are too long and drive can't change state.
ML3-341Refresh network is not working in Ethernet communications
ML3-324Loading an old configuration generates an Unhandled exception
ML3-321Solve Rollbar issues related with pyqtgraph implementation
ML3-307Mode of operation is not voltage on brake test
ML3-305Velocity Identification Wizard Division By Zero
ML3-262Restore all does not work in CANopen FW 1.6.0
ML3-255Unhandled exception after reconnect
ML3-254when dictionary is not found, an error message is shown
ML3-253Add a scope in Feedback test pages
ML3-252Text error in Feedback Wizard
ML3-251The communications list has not the same order in Wizard than Tools
ML3-247Electrical Identification is available when interfacing the drive through CANopen
ML3-246Fix wizard Communications and identification bugs
ML3-245when adding to display power stage frequencies, unhandled exception is raised
ML3-242Position identification amplitude is always 1 rpm
ML3-240Bar display representation should show always the number and use min/max value for the bar scale
ML3-239Errors Widget is not working properly
ML3-238Current Verification give not sense results
ML3-237Implement load workspace asynchronously
ML3-236Default button should be focused
ML3-235Parameters are not restored upon error in halls wizard
ML3-233Every time you write a register and press enter in the Control, the scroller on the right goes to the bottom
ML3-229When pressing Enter in control window, it scrolls down to the bottom of the list. 
ML3-219Some of the wizard html links are pointing to 404 pages
ML3-218Tuning windows should adapt total time to fit frequencies < 1 Hz
ML3-217Scope resolution cannot be changed in MotionLab3
ML3-214Scope is not following the signal as it expands on the chart
ML3-211Input random text at console widget and press 'Tab' key produces an unhandled error
ML3-45Stop(12) button does not set enable state
ML3-33Kr does not modify bode
ML3-23After identification if no design is done, no movement is detected on feedbacks.
ML3-16Unable to create a controller form datasheet parameters
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