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New Features

  • [MOT3-422] - Implement monitoring protocol
  • [MOT3-533] - Add raise up trigger into Scope monitoring
  • [MOT3-357] - Add default Tune workspaces
  • [MOT3-567] - Implement torque/current tune window
  • [MOT3-568] - Add feedbacks configuration wizard using Help widget
  • [MOT3-569] - Add representation bar into Display widget
  • [MOT3-570] - Add min limit and max limit into Control widget inspector
  • [MOT3-576] - Add Auto Tuning page into Configuration Wizards
  • [MOT3-651] - Use Terminal widget to show logs of some wizard scripts
  • [MOT3-664] - Add latch button into control widget for Position and Velocity modes


  • [MOT3-461] - Show only mappable registers when Monitoring mode is selected in Scope widget
  • [MOT3-554] - Add some user feedback when using monitoring
  • [MOT3-388] - Give some feedback to the user when loading a workspace
  • [MOT3-487] - Default communication interface should be set as Ethernet
  • [MOT3-505] - As a user I would like that the parameters panel is "up to date" or at least some visual hint that says "not updated" or "not refreshed"
  • [MOT3-540] - Motionlab 3 should have a different logo than Motionlab 2
  • [MOT3-571] - On register value change, synchronize all instances of this register in the different widgets
  • [MOT3-574] - Add progress bar when loading any workspace to improve user feedback
  • [MOT3-577] - As a developer, I would like to identify the different help pages by a text identifier and not a number
  • [MOT3-578] - Add Welcome page into Configuration Wizards
  • [MOT3-615] - Possibility to remove categories in Display and Control widgets
  • [MOT3-616] - Add parameter button from Control & Display must be moved to the bottom of each widget
  • [MOT3-619] - Add an option to remove Motor Enable button in Control widget
  • [MOT3-638] - Add EVE-XCR, EVE-NET & EVE-CORE images on ML3
  • [MOT3-639] - Implement first wizard version
  • [MOT3-641] - Block user to open wizard tabs when no drives are connected
  • [MOT3-642] - Disable all useless option on the main window
  • [MOT3-643] - MotionLab MUST be a singleton
  • [MOT3-654] - Add more information on Motor Temperature Sensor


  • [MOT3-169] - Parameter value is limited to 9 digits
  • [MOT3-290] - Control registers items resize policy not working properly
  • [MOT3-518] - After motionlab crashes, I can connect to drive (it is detected) but it wont communicate what I write
  • [MOT3-552] - When user loads a workspace with scope, there is no channel 1
  • [MOT3-560] - Storing parameters when the drive is enabled causes software to crash
  • [MOT3-588] - Different "summit" XML files are required for EVE-NET, EVE-XCR and EVE-CORE
  • [MOT3-603] - On serial communications, load a registers dictionary without registers type string
  • [MOT3-621] - Fix tooltips epic troll in Drive Explorer
  • [MOT3-631] - On enable button, retries should not be allowed
  • [MOT3-644] - When MotionLab3 is closed or crashes the connection with the slave is not closed
  • [MOT3-646] - Restore Button does not work
  • [MOT3-647] - Motor sensor type only shows number value not text
  • [MOT3-649] - Remove BiSS wait cycles from Wizard
  • [MOT3-650] - Add bootloader capability into Drive Inspector
  • [MOT3-655] - When loading tune workspaces, Capture settings of Scope widget are not loaded correctly
  • [MOT3-656] - When a tooltip is shown, left and right clicks are not focusing the register selected
  • [MOT3-536] - With some monitornig configurations, the result data is not "fit" correctly into data array

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