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New Features

  • [MOT3-887] - Add Position tuning pages in Configuration Wizard
  • [MOT3-888] - Add Velocity tuning pages in Configuration Wizard.


  • [MOT3-951] - Remove control items is causing some problems
  • [MOT3-959] - Current loop is the deepest loop
  • [MOT3-963] - Scope configuration is initialized on chart 1
  • [MOT3-968] - Fix clear button at scope widget
  • [MOT3-988] - wizard limits tab description talks about encoder
  • [MOT3-989] - Wrong typos in Identification tab
  • [MOT3-1001] - Wrong writting on Wizard
  • [MOT3-1002] - Velocity and position design's BW initialization
  • [MOT3-1004] - Mechanical identification and design initialization values
  • [MOT3-1005] - Wrong parsing in some pages of Configuration Wizard

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