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New Features

  • [MOT3-544] - Parameter fields editable from Inspector could be displayed different than non-editable parameters
  • [MOT3-586] - As a user, I would like to divide central widget into more than one widgets
  • [MOT3-696] - As a user, I would like to have more than one chart plotting data into the scope widget
  • [MOT3-697] - As a user, I would like to add frequential plotting into Scope widget
  • [MOT3-698] - As a user, I would like to have a widget to generate all types of signals easly
  • [MOT3-705] - Allow users to select in which chart plot a channel in the scope widget
  • [MOT3-749] - As a user, I would like to plot externals signals into Scope widget


  • [MOT3-545] - The search bar only works if written just before enter
  • [MOT3-683] - Improvements on Current/Velocity/Position tune windows
  • [MOT3-738] - For position tuning I would like to have a disturbance frequency smaller than 1 Hz
  • [MOT3-755] - Use ingeniawizard test implementations in ML3 Configuration Wizard
  • [MOT3-766] - Update sampling frequency management to keep compatibility with new firmware versions


  • [MOT3-458] - Scope style bugs when there is no drive connected
  • [MOT3-660] - When I set a value not supported by volcano in Auxiliar feedback sensor, it writes a 0 instead of leaving the previous value
  • [MOT3-678] - Serial communications are not working correctly
  • [MOT3-737] - Disturbance in position tuning has a wrong amplitude
  • [MOT3-744] - Monitoring falling edge not working
  • [MOT3-757] - Registers with NaN values can't be written in the control widget
  • [MOT3-764] - Secondary absolute encoder test in the Wizard is completely wrong
  • [MOT3-767] - Stop button in configuration wizard tests not working properly

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