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New Features

MOT3-2079 Add COMKIT support as a new Summit product

MOT3-2090 Adapt ML3 to work with the new ingenialink error managment


MOT3-2177 Add comkit and summit dictionary for ML3 1.4.4

MOT3-2155 Change add default dictionary error messages

MOT3-2150 A message should appear if the dictionay's product code loaded does not match with the drive's product code

MOT3-2148 All internal boot mode register reads must be ignored by the iohelper

MOT3-2135 COMKIT dictionaries should be able to be added to default

MOT3-2127 Create avoid errors flag in IOHelper for Product code coco

MOT3-2123 Add timeout and retries methods to Ethernet connections

MOT3-2122 An error should pop up in the error widgets if MOCO is not connected to COMKIT

MOT3-2076 Remove CAN transceiver selection from CAN Bootloader

MOT3-2043 Update the imports related to the ingeniawizard libs refactor

MOT3-2021 Modify error management so registers are read from coco

MOT3-2018 Refactor the monitoring and tune code in scope controller in order to improve its reusability and modularity

MOT3-1951 Add the possibility to connect to different slaves using embedded master connection

MOT3-1919 Add slave number selection to use FoE with EtherCAT Embedded communications

MOT3-1918 Add daisy chain support with EtherCAT Embedded communications

MOT3-1621 Improvements on Current/Velocity/Position tune windows


MOT3-2190 When EDS files are not found all info should be displayed ecually as XDF files

MOT3-2186 Check position option code and feedbacks against dectionary before using them

MOT3-2181 Do not read IP register to check if change IP is available unless its with Ethernet communications

MOT3-2178 Dictionary identification should use COCO revision number by default and if not then use MOCO

MOT3-2166 Com-kit part number displayed wrong in dictionary not found pop-up

MOT3-2158 Brake test shows not found register errors

MOT3-2156 Contemplate the options where the xdf product code and revision number might not be a number

MOT3-2154 Add error messages when monitoring error occurs

MOT3-2146 Hide Communication State Control error in the Errors Widget

MOT3-2145 Add part number to dictionary not found pop up

MOT3-2144 Fix Monitoring refactor bugs

MOT3-2142 COMKIT error on error widget

MOT3-2141 Change ML3 error messages

MOT3-2140 Tuning tab scope is not constant

MOT3-2138 Unhandled exception when trying to connect with incorrect dictionaries

MOT3-2132 IOHelper should only show configuratioon errors

MOT3-2131 Widget error should not be hidden if errors show up in wizard communications

MOT3-2120 Remove the IP subnet limitation when using External Master communications

MOT3-2099 SDO abort codes must be shown in error widged

MOT3-2075 Axis can not be selected in Monitoring's Trigger Signal

MOT3-2050 Button Tune loss the state when Control widget updates with Polling Scope

MOT3-2049 When a new version of ML3 is available, the notifications icon is not shown until the mouse hover it

MOT3-2036 Previous button in Commutation page goes wrong

MOT3-2032 Torque constant axis 1 units can't be read

MOT3-2031 Position Design radio button always enabled

MOT3-2030 Visual displacement on text widgets at Inspector widget

MOT3-2028 Next button does not work in Feedbacks

MOT3-2026 Terminal widget should parse dangerous commands

MOT3-2025 Chart models at scope are not update correctly on change Scope mode

MOT3-2024 Adding registers in control in multiaxis writes 0 to values and diisplays wrong

MOT3-2023 Unhandled exception at signal generator without drive connected

MOT3-2020 Unhandled exception when using triggers and changing repetition mode in monitoring

MOT3-2015 If there are no registers in the Control widget, the configured buttons disappear

MOT3-2008 MotionLab3 is incorrectly limiting the number of channels of the scope (to Only 2 max) in POLLING mode saying "Monitoring Buffer Size Overflow" while I am NOT monitoring, I am POLLING.

MOT3-2003 Lost inspector at Summary window of wizard

MOT3-2002 Brake test is not displaying error during mouse clicked state

MOT3-1991 Set-point cannot be used in monitoring mode

MOT3-1979 Design tabs from wizard are not completely disabled

MOT3-1978 Power stage temperature display mode on wizard unification

MOT3-1936 Restore all button clears also IP value

MOT3-1903 Monitoring buffer size overflow reported in polling with 3 channels

MOT3-1894 Axis cannot be selected on default workspaces

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