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MOT3-2351 Update ingenialink reference to 5.3.7

MOT3-2322 Notify user if the error configuration mismatches the expected one

MOT3-2321 Implement new FW error management regarding system registers

MOT3-2208 Load config should make sure that if the config file contains an image it is not loaded to the drive


MOT3-2360 Show tune pop up shows an error when opening the context menu

MOT3-2354 Inspector does not hide the scope options

MOT3-2353 Error shows up when "Change IP" feature cannot be executed

MOT3-2352 All identification "Advanced options" have a non-aligned view

MOT3-2296 UDP should be the default protocol always

MOT3-2291 The unused cells of a control multiaxis display editors

MOT3-2290 Sliders are not loaded correctly in workspaces

MOT3-2289 Sometimes the IPs related to adapters are wrong

MOT3-2283 Velocity Design error are green instead of red

MOT3-2180 If load a core dictionary to a comkit coco or viceversa ml3 crashes

MOT3-2074 FTP Bootloader hangs in the last step, "Checking drive..."

MOT3-2044 Disturbance and monitoring doesn't work correctly when using SOEM communications

MOT3-1974 Wrong utilization of configuration file

MOT3-2288 Some errors do not show drive information

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