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MOT3-2585 Clicking Connect button twice in Wizard with an EtherCAt drive crashes Motionlab

MOT3-2566 Unhandled Exceptions when connecting to a EVE-CORE via COMKIT

MOT3-2562 In velocity tune, stopping the scope (stop button) doesnt work.

MOT3-2560 Unhandled exception on velocity verifiaction

MOT3-2558 Wizard Feedbacks section triggers Unhandled exception

MOT3-2555 Unhandled exception in Velocity Temporal Design

MOT3-2552 Workspace is not interpreting limits or values correctly

MOT3-2546 After canopen bootloader if the drive was previously connected the ml3 does not reconnect the drive automatically

MOT3-2538 Unable to FoE bootloader if communication is already stabilshed

MOT3-2531 CAN bootloader starts triggering errors if it's done being connected to the drive, and makes Motionlab to crash when it finishes

MOT3-2530 A scope in polling mode can trigger a "Monitoring Buffer Size Overflow" error after a previous monitoring

MOT3-2523 Max current is not properly loaded (value of 0) the first time after loading a configuration file over CANopen in ML3 1.4.8

MOT3-2521 Tunes freeze after some time working

MOT3-2520 No feedback when a register cannot be set being in operation enabled

MOT3-2517 FTP Bootloader not working in CAN via Ethernet

MOT3-2496 Store and restore of axis with i217 multiaxis not working properly

MOT3-2463 PEAK transceiver is shown as PEAK in the wizard and as PCAN in bootloader. Unify naming

MOT3-2455 Some times, STO test closes ML3

MOT3-2382 Error setting dictionary to default

MOT3-2381 Error browsing dictionary when default not found

MOT3-2380 Current verification cannot be stopped

MOT3-2379 If a new identification is done, but forces a fault during test, verification button is blocked

MOT3-2345 Unhandled exception when finding missing EDS

MOT3-2343 AttributeError: 'WizardElectricalTunePageController' object has no attribute 'hide_data'

MOT3-2342 Unhandled exception raises when TwinCAT disconnects

MOT3-2338 Wizard Mechanical Position Tune Page crashes


MOT3-2172 How-to tabs should only open once and if already open change tab focus to itself

New Feature

MOT3-2573 Add Denali 2.2.0 dictionary


MOT3-2613 Add servo_status_listener=True and net_status_listener=True to connection functions

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