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MOT3-2470 Disconnection is not using Ingeniamotion

MOT3-2468 If monitoring is wrong configured scope and signal generator configuration keeps blocked

MOT3-2467 Disturbance and monitoring are not independent

MOT3-2465 Monitoring gets waiting in blank scope

MOT3-2464 Offset default values in Signal generators are wrong for axis different to 1

MOT3-2458 Brake test doesn't catch timeout error

MOT3-2448 Controller widget crash on disconnect drive

MOT3-2447 Control widget crash when node 0 register and button coexist

MOT3-2444 Specify UTF-8 encoding for all the files open

MOT3-2438 Monitoring and disturbance does not work together

MOT3-2280 Wizard Severity message should never be the result of a fail


MOT3-2446 Error badge appears in wizard when detecting missing dictionaries

MOT3-2409 Delete old ingenialink pyd on motionlabs installation

MOT3-2405 Integrate ingeniamotion and ingenialink to ML3

MOT3-2348 In Velocity Identification use advanced options defaults coming from MechanicalIdentDefaults

MOT3-2331 Update Velocity Identification page to Current Identification style

MOT3-2330 Velocity identification wizard arguments names modified

MOT3-2329 Velocity Identification signal type is now an enum

MOT3-2310 Change Control Registers of Velocity Tuning

MOT3-2309 Change Control registers on Velocity Identification page

MOT3-2308 Mover register "Feedback to check against Halls" from Halls configuration to Application Protections

New Features

MOT3-2371 Integrate ingeniamotion Break test into configuration wizard

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