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New Features

  • [MOT3-729] - Add F12 functionality in MotionLab3 as an emergency button when operating an axis


  • [MOT3-982] - Amplitude and offset units added into velocity/position tuning windows (signal generator)
  • [MOT3-978] - Save into workspace Min/Max limits set to a "slider" type parameter in the Control panel
  • [MOT3-977] - File extensions modified for each xml used in MotionLab3


  • [MOT3-907] - At errors widget, the column Drive is always 'Unknown'
  • [MOT3-909] - The workspaces files are saved without its extension
  • [MOT3-911] - In many cases, browse for a file at ML3 blocks the software
  • [MOT3-952] - Cant access chart 1 of scope in a specific situation
  • [MOT3-966] - Unhandled exception error in current autoidentification process
  • [MOT3-969] - MotionLab3 instance is not closed correctly
  • [MOT3-979] - Unhandled exception errors still happens when switching from 4 channel to a 1 channel Scope
  • [MOT3-983] - Delete "None" as possible signal in the signal generator
  • [MOT3-990] - Configuration files are not saved as XML files
  • [MOT3-1003] - Unhandled exception error when closing ML on feedback tab
  • [MOT3-1030] - Writing a numeric value in a control field does not always edit the register
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