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New Features

  • [MOT3-690] - Add "new software available" tab at the top right of the software window
  • [MOT3-691] - Add "new firmware version" tab in the Drive explorer widget


  • [MOT3-672] - Add user feedback on bootloader progress
  • [MOT3-673] - Add wizard fail message on HTML view
  • [MOT3-680] - MotionLab is not renderized correctly when using screens with high DPI's
  • [MOT3-681] - Add falling edge trigger into monitoring feature


  • [MOT3-668] - Sometimes wizard tests faults are not catched and wizard gets stucked
  • [MOT3-669] - When opening wizard, the current loading process is hidden
  • [MOT3-674] - Wizard test stop is not working as desired
  • [MOT3-685] - Scroll click on wizard view links, crash wizard
  • [MOT3-688] - On click in the summary wizard view, the inspector tool changes and user is not able to 'Store all' changes in the drive

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