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MOT3-2254 Unify significant digits in wizard forms and wizard logs

MOT3-2249 Ingeniawizard messages from ingenialogger should be printed directly

MOT3-2237 Adapt Motionlab to new ingenialink configuration exceptions

MOT3-2228 Update Motionlab with new ingenialink API for set_status_check_stop method

MOT3-2227 Unify product code from COCO instead of MOCO to identify the drive in ML3

MOT3-2224 Adapt Motionlab to new ingenialink-python methods raising conditions

MOT3-2214 New image system in xdf should be fully compatible with COM-KIT separate dictionaries

MOT3-2212 Adapt CANopen connections to the new logger

MOT3-2187 Execute Current_simulation wizard when changing the power stage frequency

MOT3-2185 Execute Current_tuning wizard "on release" of Bandwidth bar

MOT3-2179 Add EDS identification through product code and revision number

MOT3-2174 Match How-to style with release notes style

MOT3-2151 Copy signal injection refactor to Current Design Verification and disable Voltage mode

MOT3-2137 Refactor on file tab on the toolbar

MOT3-2134 Release notes should include compatibility versions mentioned of newly release SW and current FW versions available

MOT3-2118 Calculate Settling time from Bandwidth

MOT3-2116 All driver information should come from xdf

MOT3-2113 Refactor Identification Advanced Options

MOT3-2111 Change identification tab names

MOT3-2105 Maintain identification results in all the tuning tabs (Identification, Desing and Temporal Tuning)

MOT3-2038 In wizard identification pages, the user must choose one way to set the values, but it is not clear enough

MOT3-946 [DOC] Explain which CAN drivers have to be installed before using ML3

MOT3-925 Add temporal analysis on identification/verification tabs

New Feature

MOT3-2182 For BLDC and DC brushed motors, eliminate the Current Identification and current Design Tabs

MOT3-2119 Modify pole-zero cancellation string from Current Design

MOT3-2109 Show calculated Rd and Ld

MOT3-2108 Add Option to simulate current/velocity/position plants in open and closed-loop mode

MOT3-2107 Check that Current_Simulation Wizard is executed when coming from the Temporal Tuning tab


MOT3-2281 Current Controller Design wizards (design, simulation or verification) Cannot be executed if identification is not done

MOT3-2264 Wrong visualisation of bodes when changing control widget gains

MOT3-2262 Part number is not present in CAP-CORE using COM-KIT

MOT3-2261 COM-KIT image not showing properly in release

MOT3-2258 Rd and Ld disappear on change the page

MOT3-2255 Run current design test on change damping ratio

MOT3-2247 Motionlab crashes when doing a Save All in Capitan EtherCAT

MOT3-2234 FTP message on CAN bootloader should not appear

MOT3-2232 Unable to add dictionary and EDS file to defults

MOT3-2204 Connecting a drive through the tools menu no longer opens the Drive Explorer automatically

MOT3-2149 MotionLab3 Jog and Tune menu drop-downs do not have options for axis selection for Mancos Drive

MOT3-2085 Scope legend should be Floating by default in all workspaces

MOT3-2084 CAN bootloader is not stopping on error of non valid FW type

MOT3-2081 Slave field in FOE Bootloader should be disabled when the process starts

MOT3-2022 Unexpected errors raises at Errors widget on failing CANopen scans

MOT3-1959 When reaching the Summary page the previous button sometimes does not work

MOT3-1956 System crash when loading dictionary eve-net_canopen_1.7.0.xdf

MOT3-1947 When adding a drive with CAN, the pop-up which asks for the dictionary is shown twice

MOT3-1930 After a drive reconnexion, errors are not displayed

MOT3-1899 On current design wizard, some variables are not copied to the direct current loop


MOT3-2104 Updated ingeniawizard library to version 0.6.0

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