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  • [MOT3-903] - Saving question when closing software
  • [MOT3-918] - Shortcut of the load/store buttons must be added in the top menu for making them more accessible (user friendly)
  • [MOT3-1125] - Change links inside configuration Wizard to point to the new MotionLab3 user manual
  • [MOT3-1278] - Drive disconnection should be asynchronous
  • [MOT3-1282] - Change baudrate and change node id should trigger an ashynchronous process
  • [MOT3-1299] - In FTP bootloader, clear NVM after updating FTP version


  • [MOT3-1075] - Clicking on controller's tab's exit unhandled exception error appears
  • [MOT3-1108] - Configuration files stored from previous versions are not properly loaded
  • [MOT3-1247] - Catch and ignore special command line keyboard inputs at Console Widget
  • [MOT3-1296] - Some wizard tests are not working correctly when using firmware version 1.5.2 in EVE-XCR
  • [MOT3-1303] - Use the correct dictionary when drive is connected through CANopen
  • [MOT3-1307] - Unhandled exception when pressing C after going to Chart 1 in Scope (affecting charts dorpdown)
  • [MOT3-1315] - Save configuration file feature does not work in MotionLab3 when you are connected to the drive through CANopen
  • [MOT3-1326] - Disturbance is still injecting after using Tune or Identification
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